This guy has been trying to hawk this on the Seattle Craig's List for going on a decade now.

The thing is... I have a 6-inch Boice-Crane, in great condition and coated in cosmoline. It lacks a motor and a base. That direct drive setup from the factory is boss.

The thing is, I would love to have this to complete the deal. But not at $350 or anywhere in that vicinity. I could see $100, maybe $150.

6 Inch Jointer Boice - $350 (lacey)

Vintage machine shop, jointer, is a 6 inch head, and a 38 inch bed. IT IS MISSING the fence.

This is a 1940s-1950s boice crane,

I will consider reasonable offers, I am offering that as more of a restoreable collectable than just an ordinary jointer.