...from the Atlantic coast of Canada (Yarmouth, NS) to the west coast of Canada (Vancouver, BC) to visit my daughter and her boyfriend. Aside from constant mask-wearing, slatherings of antiseptic hand goo and social distancing due to a global pandemic, constant pain from an injured Achille's tendon, and the worst air quality in the world due to smoke from the terrible forest fires all along the American west coast, I had a fine time. It was great to see Gwyn & Isaac, and to see a bit of the place they live in (my first time to the west coast). All the crappy bits only serve to make sure that my next visit to see them will be even better.

The reason for the trip: My daughter Gwyn and her boyfriend Isaac…


Maureen & I at the Sea-to-Sky Gondola lodge outside of Squamish, BC. Sadly, two days later someone – either vandals or protestors – cut the gondola cable, causing the collapse of the entire gondola system at a damage estimate somewhere north of $10 million.


A picture of the lodge at the top of the mountain at the Sea-to-Sky Gondola. We walked across the suspension bridge, which terrified my wife – she is not a fan of heights at all, at all. Kudos to her for working up the courage to overcome her fears.


We spent a few days in and around the tourist & surfer mecca of Tofino on Vancouver Island, a favourite spot for Gwyn & Isaac, who are avid though novice surfers. A troller leaving Tofino harbour; sadly, the haze is not fog or mist, but smoke from forest fires in the USA:


Isaac & I on Chesterman Beach, just south of Tofino:

Michael & Isaac at Chesterman Beach BC.jpg