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Thread: Pack Canoes? Stelmok Whisper?

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    Default Pack Canoes? Stelmok Whisper?

    Was staring at a pile of leftovers in the shop which is about enough to make Stelmok’s Whisper/Igwael (I think they are the same) anyone have suggestions? There’s someon3 here who stripbuilt a whisper long ago, other than that, not much else. Are they just silly, stable, poorly paddling water boats?

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    Default Re: Pack Canoes? Stelmok Whisper?

    Hugh - I don't think it's silly, as long as your expectations are in line with the boat's capabilities. Seems like it is aimed at small, quiet water, fishing, bird watching, maybe for lighter loads?

    I really like the idea of a solo canoe, in fact I've built two. But I wanted something for more open water and longer trips (and I'm not a light weight, unfortunately) so I went with a different type. I have a John Winters Osprey (Kite), strip built. I can load it by myself, and launch it wherever I want to. I mostly use it on bays and tidal rivers.
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