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Thread: Sail the Inside Passage - Puget Sound to/from Glacier Bay

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    Thumbs up Sail the Inside Passage - Puget Sound to/from Glacier Bay

    I am seeking able crew* to sail from Friday Harbor, WA to/from Glacier Bay (s.e AK), via the Inside Passage...with some offshore passages. I've done the 1500-mile one-way trip south alone, taking 42 days. I have a good idea what to expect.

    Go one way? Fine. Juneau airport is within a 2-day sailboat transit from Glacier Bay,

    Iíve sailed as much as possible for more than 55 years. I now use a wheelchair on land (last 15-years). I canít sail alone now, and need minor help ashore also....mainly getting off the boat. I donít need a nurse.

    The electric wheelchair folds, weighs 60-lbs, and resides in a waterproof bag on deck. It is hoisted onto the dock using the main halyard. I'd only take it ashore in towns since it can't deal with the rough terrain at most anchorages.

    On the boat, I stay in the cockpit, navigate, and steer. Iím good at explaining what needs to be done and how. Iím very careful on the water and considerate of crew.

    This will be a challenging trip in cold water, rain, with long days and short nights. Twenty-foot tides, strong currents, strong winds. Many beautiful days too, and the woodstove burning in the cabin in the evenings to keep us dry and comfortable.

    I want to feel and see it again because it is a profound and positive experience for those that have the highest regard for the natural environment. Wildlife of every kind and stunning views, and some days with never a sight of anything associated with humanity.

    There are many aspects of this cruise which can be decided before departure. The weather-window implies a start here in Friday Harbor after May 1st, and end here before September 15th (3 or 4 month weather window). A one-way trip takes about a month, without rushing.

    * "able crew" means - listens well, can hoist and furl sails, handle anchor and windlass, assist in docking and line handling, keep gear tidy and accessible on deck and below. Basic cooking too. And smiles! Man or Woman. I'm a hetero-sexual male.

    PM me here to start a discussion, or respond to this thread. We could get to know each other through daysailing and short cruises here in the San Juan Islands...that's where I live. Jack

    PS: I'm on Crewbay...with more details about the boat:

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    Default Re: Sail the Inside Passage - Puget Sound to/from Glacier Bay

    Sounds like a reasonable offer and a fun trip. Wish I qualified as able bodied enough. Hope you find someone.

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    Default Re: Sail the Inside Passage - Puget Sound to/from Glacier Bay

    Sounds like a wonderful trip, and a great opportunity for someone! I hope to see you along the way, assuming Canada opens the border in time.

    -Jonathan, ketch Julia

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