Thinking hard about building a 22 foot cruising cat (catboat not multihull). The boat was designed to displace just under 7,000 lbs with 1Ē strip planking, bulkheads and internal furniture provide the structure not frames or ribs. The boat will be hauled regularly, grounded out on tides, stored on a flatbed and rained on often. I have some hesitations not sheathing the hull and decks with glass or zynole. I also have reservations sealing up 1Ē planks so they canít breathe or move. If I was to sheath the exterior would it be in my best interest to sheath the interior as well or just follow good WEST building principals. The boat doesnít need sheathing for strength I just want to minimize future annual maintenance and upkeep.

Iíd really like to hear thoughts from folks who own, maintain or have built medium sized strip built boats. Iíve built, used and repaired a strip canoe before but that is a largely irrelevant experience.