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Thread: A North Channel Sail & Oar Cruise (pre-COVID-19)

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    Default A North Channel Sail & Oar Cruise (pre-COVID-19)

    Well, I thought I'd fritter away a little time on a thread about a little North Channel outing I enjoyed last summer (2019). The boat, as always these days, was my Alaska, designed by Don Kurylko for long-distance cruising. Yep. It works pretty well for that--I've got just a bit over 1,000 miles on mine now (Georgian Bay, Lake of the Woods, Georgian Bay, North Channel, Upper Mississippi, local northwoods lake systems, etc), and some bigger trips in mind (one of which got canceled this year when those pesky Canadians closed the border).

    As it turned out, other than a week-long trip to Lake of the Woods (which you can read about in the April 2020 Small Boats Magazine if you're interested), the only free time I managed to piece together that summer came in the form of small chunks.

    (A brief digression: I was expounding to someone or another--some might say "complaining" but don't listen to them--about how I wouldn't be able to manage a long trip, and all I had gotten to do was 5 days for this trip. And that how, in my experience, that just doesn't give you the same experience as being able to take a long trip. My listener paused thoughtfully, then said, "For most people, 5 days IS a long trip." I suppose he was right. )

    Part of the problem is, it's somewhere between 6-10 hours to get to big water for long cruises--Lake Superior, and especially Lake Huron, are the usual suspects. But somehow suddenly things all fell together so that I ended up with 5 days free, NOT counting driving time.

    My thoughts immediately turned to the North Channel (10 hour drive). Specifically, a nice little no-drama cruising ground called the Turnbull Islands, just about 10 miles from the nearest boat launch point at Blind River, Ontario:


    I had camped here for a single night (Edit to say: nope, it was 2 nights) on my first big sail & oar trip, a 20-day circling of the western North Channel. More time there might be just the ticket for a low-stress, low-on-challenge cruising getaway.

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