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I have owned three mid-engined cars. A Fiat X1/9 and a Lancia Beta Montecarlo/Scorpion (depending on where you are from) and a Porsche 914. Yes, the dynamics of a mid-engined car are very benign until you push past their limits. Once you lose control, the centralized mass prevents the car from letting either end from leading the spin, making it very hard to recover from. I also had an early 70's 911. That car wanted to spin if you even thought about letting up on the gas while turning.
Fiat X1/9, 2nd gen Toyota MR2 and a ‘97 Carrera S for me.
If you want to use high performer vehicle to its full extent you’d best learn how. Silly to blame the vehicle. The capabilities of a mid engined car exceed those of a Front engined one. That’s why the C8 has the motor in the middle.
Smart thing would be for new owners to attend a high performance driving school. Plus it’s a hell of a lot of fun!