Recently it came to my attention that the last time I went sailing was two months ago. In my defense, I have been super busy with work and the month of humid, blazing hot weather didnít help either. Anyway, after looking at the weather I decided to take my First Mate out on a really long trip from Windmill Point to Gloucester Point on the Chesapeake Bay. In the morning the wind was forecast to be westerly with a falling tide, while the afternoon would be southerly winds and a rising tide. That means I would have a beam reach down to the York River, the wind and tide would change, and Iíd have another beam reach up the river. Easy peasy. It should be a 36 mile trip if all goes well.

I didnít realize the sprit was outside the brail line until Iíd gotten everything rigged and I was ready to launch. By that point I was getting on for 45 minutes late, so I decided to go with it. Besides, Thames sailing barges brail their sails like this and they seem to know what theyíre doing.

Heading out of the Windmill Point Marina on a nice beam reach. The waves were just below whitecap stage and I was making 6.5-7 mph.

I had a nice pink sunrise while I was rigging the boat.

One last look at Windmill Point. Those houses have a beautiful view, although probably a little too good during hurricanes and noríeasters.