Spark my elderly Series 1 GP14 is a bit too high strung for my level of ability. She does ok under my control when the wind is steady, but 300 pounds holding up a 22 foot mast with 138 sf of sail is not a lot of fun when single handing. Today the winds were out of the north at 10mph and gusting to 16 or so. I wanted to get out on the water, but there was no way I was going to go sailing. I went out sans rig and under oars on our local lake.

Lake Lenape is a man made lake of roughly 350 acres with an average depth of 6 feet. It's a long and slender lake about 2 miles in length. At the southern end is a dam and the boat ramp and the northern end becomes the Great Egg Harbor River and is very swamp like. At one point I could fee the wind pushing back on my oars as I rowed, so I was glad I decided not to sail. I was also glad that most small sailboats row well, and my Geep is no exception. She's not a canoe or a kayak, but she does well enough considering she does not have a skeg to help in tracking. Due to that, she also rows well backwards when it was time to do a little exploring and I wanted to see where I was going.