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Thread: Can anyone help identify a model - Devon lugger or not?

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    Default Can anyone help identify a model - Devon lugger or not?

    I have very little knowledge of historical craft, so would be grateful for any assistance members may be able to give. On holiday in Appledore a few weeks ago, I picked up a model boat in a curio shop. I was attracted by the quality of the workmanship. The attached photos give an idea of the boat. The model is about 600mm long x 150mm wide. It has been damaged in that the two masts have been broken off. I could donate it to a museum if it is of interest. Alternatively I could restore it, but at the moment I do not have enough information to create an accurate model.
    I have only the barest of information, comments from various people, but I have no idea how accurate these snippets are. It has been suggested that
    (a) the model is of a fishing lugger;
    (b) it was built in the Bideford area, possibly Appledore;
    (c) the model was built by a boatmaker to demonstrate to a customer.
    Possibly all of these comments are mistaken, in which any guidance from members of the forum would be welcome.
    Thank you.
    Matthew Allan
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