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Thread: The believed abstraction of a 12 foot clinker dinghy.

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    Default Re: The believed abstraction of a 12 foot clinker dinghy.

    Over the weekend, the graphite/epoxy coatings below the waterline were completed.
    Using a self leveling laser, lines were marked and masked up around the hull, which had been leveled up every which way. The DB slot was the datum.
    Fixing a steel rule vertically to a post allowed the magnetic bracket for the level to be slid up or down to a height that I hope is somewhere near the actual waterline.


    Once launched, any inaccuracy could be tempered with a boot stripe.

    After sanding any shallow shiny spots that were left on the filler, the hull was completely vacuumed and wiped down will towel rags.
    A sealer coat of neat epoxy was rolled and tipped and left until it cured to a state of sticky tape readiness.
    A 10%graphite to epoxy ratio mix was then rolled and tipped over that and left to partly cure and then the process repeated with another graphite/epoxy mix.


    I worked with small batches of epoxy, about 72 mls (2.4 fluid ozs) each, which was three pumps (60 ml) plus hardener (12 ml) and 7-8 ml of lightly compacted graphite.
    A short nap 4mm mohair roller and a foam brush were used. The epoxy was spread onto a flat 12" x12" square board which was wiped clean after each batch.
    One roller and brush lasted for the 2 hour application of each coat.
    The strake edges were first brushed with the mix and then the rest was rolled and tipped.


    I placed a light at one end while the resin was in it's shiny state to check the hull fairing...a bit better than it was.
    Will leave this for a week while the transom is being varnished.
    The strakes will then be sanded. One more coat may be applied as the graphite is a little thin in places, especially along the top edges of the laps... a bit more rounding required maybe.
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