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    Default T plus 4... What the

    ever loving f**k!?!

    Where’s my goddam Healthcare Plan?

    I expected to return from the wilderness majesty of Northern Michigan (no, not the U.P) to find the media abuzz with pundits and politicians regaling us with tales of what life will be like now that we have Full and Complete Healthcare.

    But... nothing.

    Absolutely nothing.

    In fact, you have to look pretty damn hard to find any mention of it in the past two weeks anywhere (well, outside of my inane posting.)

    In an interview that was praised for the interviewers willingness to push back against the president, it is still standard practice to bear his lie, accept it as something else, and move onto the next topic.

    Let me repeat that: it has become normal to swallow his bullsh!t before the topic concludes.

    Every damn time.

    They all do it.

    I can’t count the number of times that I’ve cursed at the radio when an NPR reporter has quoted the president in a way that doesn’t call out the utter absurdity of the statement.

    I hate him.

    I hate that we’ve accepted that we will always swallow his sh!t before moving on.

    Every time.

    I don’t know how we come back from this.
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    Default Re: T plus 4... What the

    He changed it to “the end of the month”. I think that’s August. When people talk about the “debates” I’m left wondering why I’d give a damn what trump says

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    Default Re: T plus 4... What the

    I keep hearing sound bites from when he claimed the virus would go away in the April when it warms up, that they're at 15 and soon it would be 0. I didn't believe a word of it then and I can't believe the news agencies even use them to prove how ignorant he is. It's gotten beyond that. Nobody with two brain cells to rub together believed him then and even those with only one brain cell don't believe him now. I hope he's absolutely annihilated in November. I can't imagine enough of a country is so completely brain dead that they'll let him get in again. There are somehow die hard supporters who will comment "Trump 2020" with a row of American flags on any FB post decrying his ignorance but they are likely just Russian/Chinese bots. The best thing that could happen to the US (and the rest of the world for that matter) is for that globally destructive piece of $#!t to get the virus and die immediately. Next best would be a long slow death where he suffers every day for months, intubated.
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