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Thread: A Scamp goes to Skagit Bay

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    Default A Scamp goes to Skagit Bay

    A Scamp Goes to Skagit Bay

    It was time for another adventure in our Scamp, Kerfuffle, and we wanted to explore a new area of Puget Sound, so we trailered her up to Cornet Bay, near Deception Pass.

    Interstate-5 was no fun, but Cornet Bay was great. The boat ramp was well maintained, and there was no crowd. Parking was easy and plentiful.

    We spent the first night anchored off Ben Ure (aka Ala) Spit.

    The next day, we sailed around Hope Island and went south in Skagit Bay, past Snee-Oosh Point. There was plenty of water for a boat that only draws inches with the board up—well, no. We went aground on the mud flats. Time for a snooze, lunch, a little reading…

    When the water came back in, we headed down the Swinomish Channel with a good breeze pushing us from behind, and a strong current. We tried to find something called Hole in the Wall, but it eluded us. We looked for an anchorage at Shelter Bay, but it was wall to wall houses, so we headed towards La Conner. After an ungraceful stop at the town dock and boat ramp, we took the dog for a walk, had some dinner, and waited for the current to diminish. We then gently headed down to the La Conner Marina, where we spent a lovely, peaceful night tied up to the dock.
    The next morning, we got an early start, trying to catch the ebb current. The wind was against us, but our little electric E-Paddle motor got us back up the Channel. We then headed south.

    The wind picked up, and although I don’t know exactly how strong it was, in this 12-foot boat, it was significant. We double reefed, and tacked all day long to make it around Strawberry Point and to Coupeville.

    Screenshot 2020-08-04 10.06.01.jpg

    Within moments of docking, we were greeted by a very friendly Scamp enthusiast, who had watched our slow progress through the afternoon. It was fun to talk to Gary and his wife, both of whom like a good adventure on a small boat.

    Coupeville was great. Friendly dock master, hot shower, good seafood chowder, good ice cream, nice place to take a walk. We were told several times that it is the second oldest town in Washington. We visited a friend, and had such a good time that we stayed tied up to the dock for another day.

    The wind was gone by the next day. We used our E-Paddle to head north, and made it to Ben Ure spit without incident except that we were all pretty hot. At least the motor is quiet.

    The next day, we finished up the trip at Cornet Bay, and trailered the boat home to Olympia. It was a fine trip.
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    Default Re: A Scamp goes to Skagit Bay


    Thanks for sharing.

    There are two kinds of boaters: those who have run aground, and those who lie about it.

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