At age 88, he wants his old job back. I think he's counting on his strong connection and allegiance to tRump to give him a boost --

PHOENIX — After 24 years of doling out his punitive brand of justice in Arizona’s most populous county, Joe Arpaio, who billed himself as “America’s toughest sheriff,” suffered a landslide defeat in 2016, largely because of his hard-line immigration stances and his own pugnacious defiance, which earned him a criminal conviction for contempt of court.

Now he’s trying to win back his old job.

Arpaio faces his first test in the Republican primary election Tuesday, when he must survive a three-way race that includes a challenge from his former chief deputy, Jerry Sheridan.

Few in the state believe Arpaio, 88, can mount a successful comeback and win in November, saying that he’s too old, too out of touch or too politically damaged to run a credible campaign in 2020.