First time boat owner and it happens to be a cedar strip motor boat in need of some serious love. Only boat building experience is having watched every single Acorn to arabella YouTube video to date and many Sampson boat co as well.

Iím currently in the process of removing all the old fibreglass with a heat gun.

boat specs: 17í long
Steam bent red oak ribs
cedar strip with copper nails
mahogany transom

many of the ribs and a few planks are rotten. I was told by the previous owner it had possibly been dropped. The starboard quarter running strake Is broken as a result. I plan on replacing most of the ribs in stages of 4-5 at a time. The problem Iím seeing is where the running strake is broken the shape of the boat is compromised. Iím wondering how best to restore the shape prior to bending in the new ribs?