Hello back again. Many of you gave me advice on the restoration of 40 year old BB14 in the spring and I am finally able to work on my boat after this Covid interference. I have removed all the caulking from seams and what little cotton was left after 8 years in the rain and weather. Many seams are wide open while others are quite tight. Frames in the open cockpit area are questionable, several are rotten or cracked. The seats and side deck were not saveable so now that they have been removed, I wonder if I should just replace all the frames.
My plan is to then remove all planks, one at a time, sand down and seal with epoxy before gluing to frames and refastening with new silicon bronze screws and sealing all seams with epoxy and filler. The frames and floors can also be bonded somewhat with an epoxy fillet.
I am aware of the many controversies about such an approach but would like to hear comments from readers more experienced than I (not difficult).