How many "birdwatcher cabin" sailboats did Phil Bolger & Friends, Inc. draw up plans for?

I know of the following boats:

  • Berengaria?
  • Birdwatcher
  • Birdwatcher II
  • Camper
  • Double Eagle?
  • Jochems Schooner
  • Le Dulci-Mer
  • Schorpioen
  • Wandervogel
  • Whalewatcher
  • William D. Jochems

I'm not sure if the "Berengaria" has a proper birdwatcher cabin, nor the "Double Eagle".

Also, the "Jochem Schooner" and the "William D. Jochems" seem very similar, but not exactly the same. Are these two different designs or two different cartoons?

Are there any other birdwatcher cabin sailboat designs from PB&F that I have missed?

Has anybody besides PB&F and Jim Michalak designed birdwatcher cabin sailboats?

Many thanks for any helpful feedback from all the Bolgeristas out there.