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Thread: How to make a well/trunk/hole

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    Default How to make a well/trunk/hole

    I’m looking at lots of designs as candidates for a pedal drive (Hobie Mirage or other).

    What is involved in making the mounting hole? Is it a simple matter of cutting an appropriately sized hole and building a wooden box around it that is sturdy enough to handle the repetitive stress of pedaling? I’ve never built a boat but it seems like this is another version of a centerboard trunk.

    And it seems like having it break off after a few thousand pedal strokes would be vaguely problematic.

    As a very specific example, I exchanged emails with Collin of Angus Rowboats. His response about adding a pedal drive was along the lines of “sure, if you want.”

    I’m seriously thinking of buying a drive so I can get a better feel for how it works and mounts. And then building the boat around it.

    Something like this? (Credit to Smallyatchsailor) Or is there more to this?





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    Default Re: How to make a well/trunk/hole

    Epoxy and screw it to the bottom from the outside, fill the screw holes with thickened epoxy, round over the corners and tape the joint. That will do it but you can go belt and suspenders and add a fillet and tape around the inside. It won't budge. Ever.

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    Default Re: How to make a well/trunk/hole

    The top of the trunk needs to be well above the waterline. Probably higher than you might think to account for wave action.

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