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Thread: Choosing a sail rig for a 24' catamaran Wa'Apa

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gary Dierking View Post
    I do like lug rigs but putting an unstayed mast on a catamaran is probably more trouble than it's worth and stays would interfere with it for sure.
    What about sticking them in the hulls?

    I love my 16' lug rigged Wa'apa. It is quick, safe and rugged. And it has sold me on lug rigs. With a stiff mast, and strong downhaul, they can really sail well.

    What I don't like about my outrigger is how long it takes to lash up, not bringing friends and getting it on and off the car. That said, its a damned big boat to go on (and in) a car.

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    And I want to anchor out when camp-cruising.

    So I've been thinking about a double Tamanu that's trailerable in width--minimal assembly. Maybe with two lug rigs of about 80 sq ft each, stuck in the hulls, you could try lots of configurations. Biplane, schooner (two rings in one hull) and biplane schooner (a rig in the back of one hull, and a rig in the front of the other). You could also have just one rig in the middle of one hull. Would it go to windward? What's it like with the rig(s) in the windward hull? Which configurations interfere the least? Looks like I need to build some models.

    I've also thought about a cut down beach cat rig. Cut down to a lower aspect ratio, 160ish sq ft of sail seems like it would suit the boat. But the engineering of the main crossbeam is daunting. And lifting that big mast is too. I thought nothing of popping up a beach cat mast 20 years ago. Maybe not now so much. The lug spars feel more human scale. And I can put them up and down on the boat.

    Gary, that video of the shunting double Tamanu in Fiji is just amazing, by the way.

    Anyway, what do you all think of a mix and match lug rig potpourri for a smallish cat?

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    Default Re: Choosing a sail rig for a 24' catamaran Wa'Apa

    I made an Ulua sail some years ago and last year a sail for a Wa'apa. I used 4 oz dacron and followed Gary Dierkings plans and recommendations and found them easy to follow. Ofcourse I am a sailmaker but I think anyone who can follow directions from a designer and learn to use a domestic sewing machine can do this. I hope I can get some information from the Wa'apa builder about the performance of the sail. The Ulua guy was on a professional boatbuilding career and had no time to sail his boat unfortunedly. Frank

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    Seems the original Waa apa had a truncate or transom stern for fitment of a OB motor, no doubt because the hard chines kill the glide characteraistic required of a good paddling canoe, so a sail rig for a purely fun time set-up on the modular design (suggested above) might as well be a sprit rig. Also, the double ender configuration allows for a shunter rig, so a bit of innovation could pay off here and what I suggest is to either set a free standing mast midships, as per those of Papua NG, or opt for the stayed system that I have devised for a bigger SO Pahi, which is schooner rigged. But never mind that, there isno reason why a single mast should not be tepped on a central connecting beam.

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