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Thread: First sail of 2020

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    Anchored in ~15 mph wind. I felt around the anchor with my foot and the shank had dug in completely. I paced off back to the boat and found we had about 7:1 scope. Probably hard to mess up with that much line out, plus the bottom was sandy.

    Hanging out on the beach for the afternoon. The point was packed with boats and one guy was busy trying out a kiteboard. A few times our tent threatened to join him.

    We found some washed up cedar trees and erosion on the other side of the sandbar. Itís always a little depressing seeing stuff erode way. Growing up I sailed my Sunfish to Grog Island once, but itís completely gone now.

    Eventually we decided to head back to the ramp and disaster struck. Trying to sail off the anchor on a shallow lee shore with no practice in gusty wind with someone with little experience with other boats anchored around is not a good combination. Eventually we made it, but not before briefly putting the rail under and losing the anchor in the process. My wife looked traumatized, so I decided to just leave it and come back tomorrow. Plus itís a prototype and Iíve got some ideas for improvements.

    After hauling out and heading home I saw this knucklehead on the bridge. Three slack tires and one completely off the rim. I ran up to his window to let him know but he said it was ok because he wasnít going far.

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    Ouch! I stopped a lady over the winter driving her car on the rim.
    We all have had mishaps sailing small boats, I have certainly dipped the rail and lost an anchor. (Not at the same time though)

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