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Thread: Ross Lillistone's low power high speed skiff "Fleet"

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    Default Ross Lillistone's low power high speed skiff "Fleet"

    I've been doing a fair bit of reseach over the last little while on low power high speed skiffs.
    There isn't a whole lot of information out there which actually gives you expected speed at a given horse power of motor.

    As a bit of background I live in Brisbane Australia and will be using the boat on moreton bay with a mix of fishing and exploring in mind.
    I have a 4hp outboard already from a little 2.8m rib and have a boat ramp at the end of my street.
    The rib it's self if pretty heavy at approx. 40-50kg (solid fiberglass hull) and it can get on the plan in flat water (just) with only myself in it. as soon as there are any waves or another person there is no way it will plane.

    Most of the low power skiffs I had found on line are flat bottom boats which I don't think will work in moreton bay very well as we get a short chop build up very quickly with any sort of wind (In summer we usually get an afternoon seabreeze most days)
    One of the previous best I had found which is for a flat bottom boat is Atkins "Scandal"
    here is a good link to an article of someone building it here
    The article has information about actual performance with low power motor.

    I finally came across Ross Lillistones boat "Fleet" last night. It was designed with moreton bay in mind.
    It is a power version of a rowing boat which he designed (called Flint) for rowing between the islands in moreton bay.
    The below link is to his blog where he puts a motor on both the fleet which is the power boat and on Flint which is the rowing version.
    I found it really interesting as it shows the difference the rocker in a row boat makes to it's ability to plane with a motor.

    Where all this is getting to is I'm looking for Ross's contact details as his website is no longer avaliable.
    I'm quite interested in building it in the future.
    Any info people have on this boat or other low power high speed boats would be super cool!

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    Default Re: Ross Lillistone's low power high speed skiff "Fleet"

    It sounds like you want to buy plans for Fleet. Duckworks in the USA has them -

    A 3-page thread here with Ross discussing Fleet -
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    Default Re: Ross Lillistone's low power high speed skiff "Fleet"

    Wonderful boat. There was an article about it in WoodenBoat in the last year or so.

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    Default Re: Ross Lillistone's low power high speed skiff "Fleet"

    With it's 4/1 length to beam ratio, it's also a good candidate for electric power.
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    Default Re: Ross Lillistone's low power high speed skiff "Fleet"

    You can contact Ross via his FB page

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    Default Re: Ross Lillistone's low power high speed skiff "Fleet"

    You can use the figure below to calculate power for a given speed. R times speed will give you power, then multiply by 2.0 to get to the HP number on the motor cover. For FnV (Froude Number Volume) greater than 3.5, use the Wyman Formula.

    Slenderness jpg.jpg

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