My 1910 Walter Dean Sunnyside Cruiser replica restoration project is guided by Todd Bradshaws wonderful volume Canoe Rig. I'm trying to figure out the rigging of the Gaff Sloop and have no experience.
My aim is to produce a strong expedition vessel so it doesn't need to be extra lightweight with delicate parts.

1. Can anyone suggest how to use lines to raise and lower the leeboards from the stern seat? (I'm 76 with a stiff back and am unlikely to be able to bend forward to reach the leeboards)

2. I've roughed out the yard and boom goosenecks in mahogany and wonder if they will be strong enough? If not would a rope grommet do the job and how would I attach the parrel beads to the grommet?

3. Small new wooden blocks seem to cost about $150 each. Can anyone recommend a less costly source or used ones? I might be able to make them, but as an amateur it seems I have to do things twice to get a part good enough. "Perfection is the enemy of good enough" seems to be my project motto. ☺

Thank you so much for your help.
p.s. Sorry about photos not rotated. They did this when I uploaded them to this page.

Jim Reid Toronto Canada20200201_085840.jpg20191120_122519.jpgCockpit.jpg20200201_085853.jpg20200123_145346.jpg