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I saw your photo of this beautiful boat and was intrigued by the floors you've installed, and it appears to have the sort of invisible laminated fiberglass frames that I have in my boat. My keel needs to be replaced, and I think a bit heavier than my last one (it's aboout 5/4 wide by 6/4 deep) and scarf jointed in only 14 feet LOA. Would adding some floors like you have be a good way to tie the new keel into my existing structure? Interested in your thoughts! Please check out my link here:


Thank you!
In my hull the floors were mainly there to hold the heavy steam engine. There is an internal keel (keelson) which the outer keel is bolted to, In your case a couple of floor timbers might be a good idea with the probable polyester sheathing inside. You can run the keel bolt right through the floor timbers.