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    My previous post was asking for recommendations for books on naval architecture. I purchased all and have read much of them. I also have an engineering degree and have had some basic naval architecture courses. But for this project, I believe the art of dinghy design will be of more use than traditional formulas. Frank Bethwaite's book has been one of my favorites.

    My wife and I live aboard our First 42s7, currently in French Polynesia. We will be sailing to NZ for the AC races and stay there for at least six months. During that time, I would like to build a nesting dinghy to use for fun sailing in anchorages. I miss small boat sailing. During and after college, I sailed my Flying Dutchman for 13 years.

    I would like some help on designs for a nesting dinghy, 12 feet max. This boat would be used just in protected anchorages as a fun sailing toy. I weigh 85 kilos and would like to take my wife sailing at times. With me alone, I would like the ability to plane in a good breeze and really enjoy an efficient hull in light air, just cruising along. The boat would not be sailed in rough seas or winds over about 18 knots. Beam should be less than 4'6" and freeboard should be very low, almost like a Sunfish for light weight and easy storage. I am primarily looking for design ideas for below the waterline. I can do the rest. Construction would be strip planked as I prefer this to plywood construction.

    I have looked at the PT11 and Mebo 12 designs. These are fine looking boats but are designed as all-around dinghies. I want a toy just to sail around anchorages, not a rowing or motoring dinghy. I really like the look of the Truc 12 dinghy.

    Crus Yacht Truc 12, Price upon request |

    If the aft gunwale is extended outside the hull for hiking, nesting would work. I have looked at some N12 designs for below the waterline. My boat would have much less sail (6.5 to 7.5 sq m) so the flair above the waterline would be reduced.

    I'm intrigued by the "free-flow" concept per Bethwaite. It just seems like a sweet sailing boat if it can be accomplished. I also like the look and performance of hard chine for the aft 2/3 of the hull.

    I'm open to ideas and thanks in advance for help. I am also looking for free-standing rig ideas. I'm willing to spend some money for a carbon mast and quality sail. I have a carbon fiber windsurfer mast I can use to make a boom or perhaps buy a complete rig.

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    Dan Noyes has a cool little boat we haven't seen much of, lately - a mini sandbagger. A little fiddling and sawing and you could turn it into a nester. Or at least a two piece boat.

    Noyes sandbagger.jpg

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    You want a nesting dink because why? Build two and race your wife? Just because?

    The Truc 12 looks really cool and would nest if, as you note, you make a broad outwale rather than that inwale-deck and if you rake the stern a bit so one boat can fit in and on another.

    I love the clarity of your search - not a dink for all around tender but a fun boat for an enthusiast.

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    I love your direction. Of course you could simply buy a nestable Reverso Air, but I love what your Truc example appears to do with a remotely deployable rudder. With an open back, a heavy person can swamp the stern when leaning over the rudder to push up or down. Sometimes not very fast to recover, but it looks like the Truc rudder deploys with a shove of the tiller, not even needing clumsy ropes and chocks:

    (plastic Reverso: )

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