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Thread: sail for Dagger 10.5 Foot kayak

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    Default sail for Dagger 10.5 Foot kayak

    Hi. a friend of mine was asking me about one of those downwind sails for his kayak. I suggested he make a triangular one up so he can get some half decent upwind performance. Anyone who has some ideas on size, shape, and rigging be highly appreciated

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    I have done heaps which where more square with a batten that extends from the gooseneck area to the back edge of the head.
    I don’t have any photos but could do up a drawing if you like.
    The masts where usually just alloy tube (you could use a wooden dowel) and these didn’t have stays.
    We did some that had booms and some which had a batten sewn into the foot as a boom.
    The mast slotted into a hole in the deck like a laser dinghy. The idea was you could just lift the rig out, roll up and lie it on deck when going into the wind to reduce the windage.

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