I’ve been to two of them in the past few days. Both in the afternoon. Both sparsely populated. (Three other patrons in one, one other patron in the other)

In both cases, upon figuring out I was from The States, the had only one thing they wanted to know: “What do ya’ think about Trump?”

The bartender and lone patron of the first establishment didn’t understand how he could win without a majority of the vote. Now they simply don’t understand why we use the electoral college in this day and age. They also felt that, while clueless as a world leader, his business sense might prove to be an advantage for our economy. I pointed out that he’s filed for bankruptcy six times. They said that kind of information doesn’t make it over there, but it doesn’t seem too difficult to put together with what they’ve seen.

An old man at the second pub asked me how long I figured Trump had. I responded that I thought his run would end with the 2020 election.

“He’s not like any other politician,” he said. “Well, perhaps Boris Johnson.”

“I get the impression that he has a fair bit in common with Boris,” I replied. “How long do you figure Boris has?”

The old guy smiled at me for a moment and said “Oh, not long.”

They’ve got Donny figured out over here.