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Thread: Egregious evil aerosols in the news rant

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    Default Egregious evil aerosols in the news rant

    Can we please, please, PLEASE stop publishing the faces of the various guilty fux like Epstein, each and every one of the various shooters, radicalized and PTSD'd gunmen, and the record-setting cold-case serial killers, slave-taking serial rapists, unearthed by authorities looking at DNA databases, et al.

    This worm manages to get filty rich lying, cheating and stealing, and blackmailing other pirates, who happen to also be candidates for national office and incumbent office holders and who are also serial pedophiles. Not only do we have to listen to the recounting of the crimes, and moral outrage, at every news broadcasting and news advertising opportunity, Apparently, for our edification or something, we need to continue to see the monster's mug in every news summary or commercial for a news show. On every news feed online, on every print news publication at the damn checkout, and film at eleven.

    I don't want to see Epstein's reptile face any more. I don't want to have to watch Trump or his sycophants like Steve King or Gomert or Nunes, or listen to the noxious brain-numbing, intelligence-offending flim-flam moron's puke-inspiring evil lies every time someone points a camera at him.
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    Tell us how you really feel Jim.
    Seriously I totally agree.
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