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    Our 'news' tends to drop stories as new stories come along.

    We, the people, however, need to remember stories they've dropped. Out of sight should not mean out of mind.

    One example is healthcare. While the Democratic candidates have different ideas on how to cover everyone, and those differences are often discussed during the primary campaign, we should remember that whatever is proposed will have to go through congress, and if anything does go through congress, it will likely be the same regardless of who the president is.

    MEANWHILE, we should not forget that two GOP driven lawsuits continue to head towards the Supreme Court. If either succeeds, the ACA will be ended. The REPUBLICANS are still trying to take health insurance away from millions of people.

    Also out of the news, but heading for the high court, are a number of Republican state laws that will end a woman's right to an abortion under any circumstances, and may make birth control illegal.

    These are two things out of the news for now, but not settled.

    We need to remember. I'm sure some here can add other items out of the news, not settled, and needed to be remembered.
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    With a new Republican disaster being created every day, it would take a massive spreadsheet to track them. Maybe someone needs to create a phone app in which you enter your favorite a$$hole move of the day and it then reminds you of critical dates and votes.

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