Good afternoon,

my Holman 26 was originally fitted with a Stuart Turner 5 ME, that is a small single cylinder gasoline motor. it lasted until the mid 1990's when it was replaced with a Beta Marine 10, a 2 cylinder Diesel. it is shoehorned into the compartment-I had to have the engine pulled to deal with a dodgy starter.

Now the ST has a poor reputation, generally for fouled spark plugs or a damp magneto (the precursor to the alternator). but they are otherwise very robust, with far fewer moving parts. Parts themselves are pretty easy to come by, and they can be remanufactured if necessary. They also can be crank started. A rebuild will cost me about 1500 quid, which is similar to the cost of the works that the Beta needs.

Has anyone gone hair shirt purist and installed a vintage motor in their vintage (1963) yacht