I have a glass Wayfarer clone (a CL 16) that I have been sailing when I bring children along--it is roomier than my Coquina so generally, the reduced squabbling makes up for the humiliation of being seen in a plastic boat. On occasion I find myself in a situation that would be otherwise fine, but with a 7 year old girl along, it would be useful to douse the sails and motor in sometimes. There are a few outboard brackets on Craigs around the Bay Area for not much money, but overkill. I would put maybe a 3 or 4 hp 4 stroke on it--or even a trolling motor with a changed out prop. Seems like the store-bought models are overkill. OTH, I have one thousand unfinished projects staring me in the face, including the new Annapolis rowboat project I was just given. So..any examples ofplans for a simple, light-duty bracket for an embarrassingly plastic Wayfarer?

Google has lots of photos, but not too many wooden homemade ones.

Also, did anyone see the handcrank dinghy motor video on FB recently? I was impressed. I can't imagine using it for a three miles trip, but 150 yds back and forth to a moored boat...https://www.amazon.com/BRIS-OPERATED...a-608471561194