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You read far more into that than is required. Much like someone else seeing a joke with photo of an airplane and saying its in bad taste due to all the dead from airline crashes. The joke had nothing to do with the gun. The joke had nothing to do with shootings. The joke had everything to do with gullible people, in the context of the guy that made the news some time back for "cutting up his gun".
The fact that you can't see that is what's sad.
Following your rules of humour, nothing can be seen as funny.
Except that guy that cut up his gun, Scott Pappaladro, actually did cut up a gun. That "joke" is just what I said it is, a dickhead insiders wink that trivializes the deaths of inocent people. I don't care that the punchline is that is a seperated upper and lower and not a gun that's been cut in half.

What is the gulible part? Do you think that Pappaladro was FOS when he did that? That he just swaped in a new barrel and handguard and kept blasting away happily? Why don't you catch up with what he's been up to and get back to us.