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Thread: Original formula For Marine Glue

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    Default Original formula For Marine Glue

    As of 1897 this is the formula for Jefferies Marine Glue as was used by the Brittish Navy it its original form.
    "This composition is said to be composed of 1 part India-rubber, 12 mineral naphtha or coal tar heated gently, and 20 parts of shellac mixed with it. The manufacturer of this marine glue is Mr. Jeffery, Limhouse."

    This information was taken from the 1897 Treatus of Yacht Architecture by Dixon Kemp.
    I am sure that the india rubber, spoken of, was supplied gum form. Gum rubber or "cacoutchouc" is its original name. Since Jefferies Marine Glue is still being made, I think that the ingredients can still be found. However, I should think that buying a block of the good stuff is a simpler way of getting it.
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    Ghastly and wonderful, all at the same time...

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