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    Default Beta Engines - How Reliable ?

    In my rebuild of our 4 Tonner (see 'Probably Not a Deben 4 Tonner' thread), I determined early on that the existing engine had to go:


    Not only did the old Yanmar YSB8 take up half the cockpit footwell but it was also seized solid and - even if I did get it running - I was concerned about the vibration from the single cylinder. So out it came and was sold for 300 for the rebuild fund.

    After much research on power, size, maintenance, etc, I decided that a Beta 14 would suit us best:


    and after a lot of trawling around was on the point last year of closing a deal for a good second hand one, when a friend pointed out that the local Beta dealer was running a special offer on this model - for only about a third more than I was about to pay second hand. I hadn't even looked at the dealer, as they are part of a setup (I won't name them) which is locally known for never being cheap ! The price they were offering was, at the time, better than anywhere else in the UK and only 10 miles away.

    So, last September I dug deep into the piggy bank and we became the proud owners of this :

    (dunno why the forum software has rotated it and repeated it below ?!)

    Beta are quite happy to offer their standard warranty on engines that are not installed by qualified marine engineers (I'm not - I'm a boat builder), so long as they are inspected after installation by a marine engineer - which must happen within twelve months of the date of sale. If later - no warranty.

    Now I could just about install the engine and have it inspected to meet the deadline next month. However, to do so would divert me from work I would rather prioritise and the installed engine would be a considerable obstacle to some later work.

    I am strongly tempted - taking into account Beta's reputation (at least in UK ?) for reliability and ease of maintenance - to leave the installation until I'm really ready to do it.

    I would be very interested in anybody's actual experience of the reliability (or otherwise) of newly installed, new Beta engines.

    Many thanks.
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