May have lost 2 tonight. One Iíve known since high school, another for over a decade. I can no longer abide the gun worshippers that cannot, or will not admit this nation has a serious problem.
The Dayton shooter was armed with an assault weapon with 2 100 round rotary magazines. He fired 41 rounds in 30 seconds.
This should not be possible. Period.
A very small percentage of the population, and indeed a small minority of gun owners own such a weapon. Their rights to own such a weapon DO NOT obviate the rest of us having the right to not be gunned down by it.
Anyway in my attempt to drive this point home I most likely ended 2 friendships. Over the ability to own a gun that isnít good for hunting or target shooting, but rather is designed for the sole purpose of killing as many humans as possible as fast as possible.
This latest tragedy took a somewhat personal note when I realized that Iíve been to that bar in Dayton, as have some of my coworkers. Had I been on a layover there I could have easily been a victim as could many people i work with. Selfish I admit, but it does serve to get ones attention.

I think in the next couple of years we may have to make some hard choices. Ending friendships hopefully will be the most trying.