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Thread: 2019 Shellback Regatta in Brooklin, ME

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    Default 2019 Shellback Regatta in Brooklin, ME

    The Pedersen Family is hosting the 11th Annual Shellback Dinghy National Championships September 26 through September 28, 2019 in Brooklin, Maine, for the awarding of the perpetual Frank A. Pedersen Trophy.

    Eligible boats are Joel White designed 11.5 foot long Shellback Sailing Dinghies. Eligible competitors are Shellback sailors - owners, builders, family and friends.

    For more information, please contact us at info@shellbackregatta

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    Default Re: 2019 Shellback Regatta in Brooklin, ME

    Hi I've just finished building a shellback and this certainly caught my eye. Can you explain what this is all about. Who was or is Frank A Pederson, and why the Shellback? What is the genesis of this regatta.


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