Rather than continuing to dilute another thread... I'll start a fresh one. I'm starting a journey - so any feedback is welcome. And lets hear about yours.

I've done it. I've scheduled my first gittar lesson. After months of mourning and moaning about my inability to play the harmonica due to the compromised throat & salivary glands from throat cancer surgery & radiation attack... I've accepted that gittar makes the most sense as a next choice. My friend Andy lent me his concertina for a while, and I got some long-distance coaching from that kind and perspicacious British boat designer Gavin Atkin. But decided the sound did not move my soul, and the squeezebox was maybe a bit limiting as far as the genres, etc.

My goal with the gittar is to use it to accompany my singing. I cover various songs, or rewrite my own lyrics for existing songs, and have been doing it acapella, or with the very rare bit of ad-hoc accompaniment, for years. Maybe I'll also get to the point where I will do some all-instrumental stuff... but initially anyway, it's to back up the singing.

Blues, folk, sea-chanteys, rock, country, jazz, gospel. Mostly the first three. At family gatherings. Around the campfire. And playing with friends. I've even gotten two invitations to play with low-key groups that mostly just play for fun, but also gig a little bit. I think they were just trying to be kind & encouraging, as it's hard to imagine myself being ready to go THAT public for a while.

I so have a little bit of a welcome head start because my sweetie is an accomplished musician. Classically trained pianist & guitarist, who writes music and composes, and made her living for a while doing jazz improv in a local cafe. So I'm stealing one of her guitars. An Epiphone PR350... just because it's spare. Any feedback on the guitar? Seems nice enough to me, but I know nothing. (as a side note - it's in excellent condition, but when it comes time to refinish, must one refinish an Epiphone with Epiphanes?? <G>). Adding a slide to my repertoire is definitely planned.

Later... if things go well... I have fantasies of also getting a dobro. And maybe doing some OpenTuning slide work...

How about you?