Beuhler liked a sail he called a modified Dhow and used it as a steadying sail on his Diesel Ducks as an emergency sail. I'm interested in using a similar design on my boat. I've researched all I can using his books and website. I am in the planning stage to build my boat this fall. I would like to incorporate his sail ideas. I know I will need to add support structure to my hull and cabin to take a mast behind the cabin. In his book, he talks about using minimum rigging to reduce windage and a tabernacle to drop the stick to get under structures. My boat is a good bit smaller and lighter than his Diesel Ducks at 28 foot with a displacement of 16,200. Can anyone give me guidance on mast sizing, sail sizing, and rigging?

Running on what Beuhler called a modified Dhow to steady the boat.

The design I am working with.

Plans in hand and ready to start building this fall.