OK, so the tinkering bug has bit, and I've decided to build a sander/grinder.

Of course, I'd like to build a Jeremy Schmidt, but my metalworking mojo is simply not there.


I scored a treadmill offa Craigslist for the steel and the motor/drive.

It was free because it only runs for a few seconds before it displays an ErroR and shuts down.

I have no electronics skills whatsoever, so I have stripped off the circuit boards.

The way I see it, I should be able to get an adapter and a motor controller for dirt cheap if only I knew what I was looking for!

The motor is 1.5 HP, 120VDC, and I need to run it off 120VAC. Variable speed is pretty much mandatory, IMO.

I spent an hour on Google, Amazon and Ebay last night, and what I came up with ranged between $2k and $4K.

A little rich for my blood.

Do I need to wait for another treadmill that works right?

What sort of gizmo should I be looking for? I have found that one can find just about anything on Google if only one knows what search terms to use.