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Thread: The economics of wooden boat ownership by going to the yard (maybe a rant)

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    Default The economics of wooden boat ownership by going to the yard (maybe a rant)

    My lovely 30’ mahogany yacht is just finishing up in the remaining local yard which no longer wants people to work (begrudging allows it) on their boats anymore. I learned first hand how things have changed in the last 2 years here. Mine is blamed on stricter boat yard environment impacts. The packaged bottom job I chose so I could just get in on time was at 59 dollars a foot not including materials and paint (ran far above an estimate.) I was fined 150 dollars for long boarding the hull in prep to paint it after I had rented and used the yard vacuum sander all day due to environmental impact. It is highly discouraged to cut anything in the yard. There is no longer any water which to use clean or wash the boat let alone oneself after working. Bathrooms are locked and secured nearly all the time. (This may be due to the homeless population which live close by). Much of the pleasure and do it yourself is gone as it becomes even harder to pull it off without losing a shirt. It is these very facts that fiberglass boats with gel coats are the only alternative to many boat economically minded owners who want to keep their boats and “do” their own limited work.

    in all truthfulness and economics, most wooden boats are worth less than the cost of a yard doing a bottom job. To spend more than 4,000 dollars on a boat worth 4,000 dollars to be worth 4000 after is, well you know... Do it yourself yards in my area are done. Wooden yachts have begun to pass on to the very wealthy who are willing to pay the $5,000 plus rates for simplest of work for boats like mine. The joy of a wooden boat can not be measured by economics but by use, touch and sound which is are it’s truest pleasures. This is some of the greatest trade offs which is causes us to take note.

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