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Thread: Keel build and shaft tube advice needed.

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    Default Keel build and shaft tube advice needed.

    I am getting my game plan together to start building San Miguel by Spira. So far I understand everything except this 1/4(?) keel and how to build it, fasten it to the hull, and install a fiberglass shaft tube. Beuhler Shows stacking 2x material in a stepped pattern. Then plane it down to the shaft angle, build a box out of 2x material, bed the shaft tube in. Then finish building the keel the same as the lower part and contour it to the hull shape. It's all held together with glue and threaded rod staggered along the keel just missing the shaft tube. That works well for an 8+ inch wide keel with a 2-inch shaft and tube.

    I will have an internal 2x4 keel (actually 1.5 by 3.5) that the outer keel will fasten to. The plans give no details on how to build it. Just the shape and dimensions. I'll need a 2-inch shaft tube. If I build the keel using stacked 2x4 material and leave a little room for epoxy, 2 1/16th inches will be gone. That leaves just a hair under 3/4 inch either side of the shaft tube for keel bolts. In the end, everything will be glassed into the hull with at least two layers of non-backed 10oz cloth.

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    Default Re: Keel build and shaft tube advice needed.

    I would arrange a joint in the stack along the shaft CL. Cut the rough bore for the shaft in each joint face. Then bore for your bolts from this joint face down through half of the stack. Then put the log with the bored holes on top of the undrilled stack and use the holes ready bored for a jig to bore the other way.
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