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Thread: Updating my bilge, from 2006 repairs are still dry

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    Default Updating my bilge, from 2006 repairs are still dry

    Except for the rain, I get no water coming in.
    I cant do much about the rain.

    Back in 2006, I reframed most of the entire boat. I used PT pine carefully selected and cut from larger pieces.
    All those frames have been great. I also upped the bronze screw size one size so they are thicker square drive screws.
    The PL as you can see is still tight in the seams, and the entire bilge area has remained strongly held together, about as good as the day I did it almost 15 years ago.

    I was checking the filthy aft bilge, and I discovered rotten tops on 3 floors on the port side last year. I let it go till this month. Had to pull out the cruisair heat pump to get access back there.

    I used a chisel, and cut down the rotten oak areas and used a sawzall blade held in my hand the scrape down the surface till it was relatively flat. Treated the oak with boric acid mixed in 90% rubbing alcohol, then wire brushed the surface. Then cut some tight grain PT pine one inch tall wood strips and screwed and glued the strips back down to rebuild the tops of the three floors. The worst damaged floors were the ones that had been notched out for the generator. None of the damage seemed to affect the ability of the floor to function as intended. The glue was of course PL premium mixed with some sawdust, and the screws were SS square drive deck screws.

    AfteI repaired the floors, I pressure washed the bilge, and sucked it dry with the we vac. Then I painted it all with Bulls eye 123 white primer, which I have found to be an excellent wood primer. Being water based, it will suck into moist wood whereas an oil primer would be repelled from damp wood. And you know bilge tend towards dampness.

    Also uploaded a few pictures to the forum. And the bilge was filthy dirty, covered in muck from sawdust and leaves that rotted in there over many years.
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