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    It's odd how much audio-only content is arriving on youtube videos. Not only music but now 20 hour audiobooks. Here is a channel of largely WW2 histories, with surprising concentration of German memoirs (past relflections). Maybe don't burn out your main phone screen on these, but use a spare old one to distract yourself to sleep some nights. I guess there are ways to play only audio and not video too.

    If you want to see what D-day was really like, hear it from the German participants. In some spots they mowed down all allied soldiers then were put in comfortable captivity, so are the only surviving witnesses to various allied heroic deeds or stupid orders. If you want to see clashes on a more epic scale follow the eastern front memoirs, which is not just boom/bang and ten times the casualties, but amazing travels sometimes among sympathetic civilians.

    The eastern front was so extreme, such as the 32 inch diameter siege guns used by the Germans. Only in a memoir did I further learn they would lob the 12 foot shells into a fort all day (easily visible in flight), but were all fused to explode together in the evening. This was in the lesser known Crimea campaign, where massive Russian suicide charges were common, including women soldiers who linked elbows to discourage second thoughts. The German writers talked about getting buried in their own expended brass and trigger cramps from shooting all day, with almost all casualties being Russian. No wonder Putin stole Crimea back from the Ukraine recently.

    Interesting to see how marginal German soldiers were employed. Large numbers of the "shell shocked" from eastern front were reassigned to the quiet coast of France. Also the mildly retarded were stood on guard for d-day. Same with the combat semi-disabled, who were also assigned to drive supply trucks to the eastern front. In the memoirs these aren't just statistics, but play out in interesting ways. Various comments on US uniforms being poorly designed, such as their color being easier to see than other nationalities, and almost making machine gunners feel guilty mowing them down.
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