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Thread: Lowell Sailing Surf Dory 16'

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    The best thing for the main would be to make one of your blocks a rachet block. Not cheap but reduces the hand holding load by about 10x. A tiller extension would allow you to sit in the center of the boat and shift your weight to windward if needed. I suspect that you are trimmed too far back which will not do your pointing ability any good. There is a discussion floating around on this forum about this and I just did a piece on making them for Small Boat Magazine. For your jib, take a bit of line and see what it looks like if it pulls from a spot lower on your mast, maybe in line with the end of your yard. It might overlap the main in a way you don't want so it may not work but try it and see. Half pins on the underside of your thwarts/ seats would be nice as well.
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    So I took her out with the new jib halyard/yard fairlead rig. I think it worked pretty well. It makes rigging a bit more thought intensive keeping the lines sorted, but the results seem worth it. A) it helps point the yard higher B) the yard pushed the jig head to windward. It probably helps a little on a beat, but downwind it certainly helps wing on wing.

    And the temporary sprit boom works well too. I stow it in the oarlocks and don't even have to get up to set it.

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