Hi Shipmates,

Could anyone shed some light on Mr William Atknin's design 'Inga' (Atkin Boat Plans)?

She has a LOA 28'3", LWL 25', beam 8'6" and draft 3'6" with a displacement of 12,200 pounds. The outside lead weighs 5,700 pounds and inside ballast 600 pounds and sail area of 381.9 square feet.

I was told by a shipwright that her draft is too shallow to be a good seaworthy ocean going craft. Is it possible that such an eminent designer such as Mr Atkin could have made a mistake in designing her?

Her ballast is just over half her displacement. In a capsize she might right herself a tad too snappy resulting in breaking her mast but in any capsize there will be quite a mess anyway.

I would be very grateful to receive any advice...

Many thanks!

Fair wind to all good shipmates,