I built a tabernacle for my boat (24 foot gaff-rigged Noank Sloop) over the winter. I currently use mast hoops to attach the mainsail to the mast, but with the new tabernacle uprights or "cheeks" extending about 4 feet above the deck, the hoops don't fit over them when the sail is lowered. Thus, the main won't lower all the way onto the boom unless I detach the luff of the sail from the hoops when it's almost lowered.

I'm thinking of switching to maybe lacing or robands and wonder if anybody has ever seen any such arrangement where the lacing was adjustable, i.e. it could be tightened when the sail is raised so the sail would hug the mast appropriately, but could be slacked when lowered so the lacing (or robands) would fit over the tabernacle when the mainsail comes down.

Comments appreciated. Thanks much.