Son returned from Uni.

Project : Get the boat back in the water.

While it seemed to be in fair condition there was a whole lot of items to be done which took a whole lot longer than was anticipated.

The shortened version, excluding cleaning etc, follows:

1. Install the Electronics box.
Five holes, four 'U' bolts, four washers, four nuts.

Installed carpet in base to minimize the scratching of items.

2. Awning
Because the awning had to come off - sun perished. It was supposedly Sunbrella, Grrr! Managed to have one whipped up in three working days in Ferrari Soltis 92 fabric. Fits like the proverbial glove. Very happy. Had to install new line all-round to fix it to the T-top rail.

3. VHF radio
Installed a VHF radio and 8'0" Shakespeare antenna. That was a bundle of fun trying to feed the power lines in through the T-top. Took visits to four outlets before finding suitable wire, and even then could not get red and black!!!

4. Anti fouling
Anti-fouled the hull - well my son did - with Islands 44. Took four and a half hours.
Island 44.jpg

5. Propellors
Changed both propellors - Yamaha 131/4" x 17" (Had to be FedEx'd in from St.Maarten).

6. Tachometers
Installed two tachometers and harnesses. (FedEx'd in with Propellors).

7. Fuel tank sender
Changed fuel tank sender. Included the removal and reinstatement of the driving leaning post seat.

8. Fuel hoses
Changed fuel hoses, twice.
Once the original ones and secondly replacing the hose that the yard provided which was 'not for below deck' applications.

9. Key plate
Changed key plate where ignition switches and kill switches are installed.

10. Rod holders
Re-bedded rod holders in rail due to (now dead) termites.

On launching the anchor snagged on some scrap metal. Son had to dive for it and cut the rope. Fortunately 6'0" deep water and 84F.

Who was it that said that owning a boat was fun????

PS One of my friends advised that the best way to go boating, is have a friend that owns one.

How much longer do your projects take than you originally anticipated?

NB The first 90% of project takes 90% of the time and the remaining 10% takes the other 90% of the time.