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Thread: Bequia Suite needs a new home

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    Default Bequia Suite needs a new home

    This Sparkman & Stephens-designed 42 pilot house ketch is teak-planked and in good shape. My wife and I have had her for 20 years and need to find her a new steward. Here are some drawings (the link on the S&S site is broken).

    We are willing to donate her as-is to the right person or organization. The boat will be launched Friday, June 14, in Hull and we will be cruising through mid-September. She is available for viewing in Hull, MA.

    If you are interested and would like to see a current survey, please email me and give me some sense of your qualifications to care for and maintain such a boat.

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    Default Re: Bequia Suite needs a new home

    Good luck with the whole process. Sometimes giving a boat away can be more challenging than selling her. The fact that she is in sailing condition is a big plus. If I think of anyone I'll let them know.

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    Default Re: Bequia Suite needs a new home

    That seems like an amazing deal for someone. I hope they are vetted carefully for equal parts commitment and energy!

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