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Thread: Lakebay Marina

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    Looks like a small place. You'd have to run a top tier( expensive) in every way operation to operate profitably. High fees and fees for everything. No DIY only authorized subs and take a piece of that. Provide valet services--wash boat, provision boat every weekend, etc.

    It's so expensive to keep up and run a legally-compliant marina. There's really little other way but to serve a clientele who enjoy( demand) paying for everything.

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    My in-laws used to have a place on Herron Island, I drove into Lakebay a few times, always thought the marina looked a little bit dicey, but no worse than half of what's scattered around the Sacramento River Delta. I liked it. But yes, there are a lot of far-right folks living in the area. One moved in next door to my in-laws place many years ago and transformed what was a wonderful place into a place I hated to go to. We sold the house.

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    It's been a while, since I reported on this, but the crew at the RBAW's Marine Parks Conservancy has been busy raising funds to purchase the marina. You can find out more and make a donation here.

    Please pass this along to others who know the potential the marina and grounds could have for the boating and local community.

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