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Thread: tandem decked wherry with sail

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    Question tandem decked wherry with sail

    Are there plans or kits for tandem decked wherry with sail that one or two can row on sliding seats or sail? Kind of like that A. RowCruiser, but fits two rowers (or al least a crew of two comfortably on open, coastal, waters)?

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    Default Re: tandem decked wherry with sail

    Don't think any kits exist for that sort of thing. What length were you thinking? And what waters -- sheltered like Tomales or rowing out to the the Farallons?

    Rick right here in the SF Bay Area rows his slightly stretched (I think??) Welsford Walkabout all over the place, but it is only set up for one sliding seat. Easily carries a passenger aft. Only rigged for a downwind sail, but I think that's just him playing around with the design -- it's really a pulling boat. I've seen him row out the Gate in a regatta where it was very rough with big swells that were tossing experienced rowers out of their shells.

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    I would look for an open tandem rowing wherry. Then I would fit canvas decks ford and aft, like a classic rowing shell, add a false keel to give more lateral resistance, and fit a mast about 2/5ths back for a balanced lug sail.
    These proportions:

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