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Thread: RIP Lowell North of North Sails

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    Default RIP Lowell North of North Sails

    "Lowell North
    , a five-time world champion and Olympic gold medal-winning sailor who was also the founder of North Sails, the largest sailmaker in the world, died on Sunday at his home in San Diego. He was 89.

    His daughter Julie North said he died a day after having a stroke. She added that he had had several strokes in the past.

    Mr. North’s string of championships in Star Class sailboats began when he was a teenager. From the start, he approached sailing as an engineer as well as an athlete."

    (Also posted in The Bilge.)
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    Default Re: RIP Lowell North of North Sails

    Oh my God Lowel! We miss you already! Your live has been an exemplary adventure and deserves to live on with all of us who go down to the sea in wooden ships upon the water!

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    Default Re: RIP Lowell North of North Sails

    Even my humble Macgregor canoe has North sails.

    Another good man gone.

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    Default Re: RIP Lowell North of North Sails

    The "senior in high school aged me" was deeply in lust with the 5o5. San Diego was hosting some big Nationals or Galaxies championship and a buddy and I decided to head down there a week before the event and try to find a couple of rides. It already looked like race day. As we were drooling over the scene, Some guy walked up to us and asked if either of us would like to sail with him and help him tune up his Star. I had tunnel vision for 5o5s so I just kind of shrugged it off as my bud said "Sure, I'll go."

    When he got back he was beat.

    "I'm never gonna sail with that guy again. He got POed right off the bat and yelled at me to hike. There weren't any hiking straps. I hooked my foot in as best I could, and leaned out over the rail. He looked at me like I was an idiot, and pushed his elbow into my chest. He didn't let up til I begged him. He showed me how to Star Hike. Did he really have to torture me to teach me a lesson? Then he started tacking. He'd fiddle with this and then tack. He'd fiddle with that and then tack. I've never tacked so much in my life."

    He went on to complain for what seemed to be forever. I don't know if he ever sailed with that guy again, but he did learn the lesson. He went on to become a pretty decent Star sailor himself.

    And that's how I missed my chance to say "I once sailed with Mr. NORTH SAILS."
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